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Juliet Kozee
Juliet Kozee
Juliet Kozee
Job TitleAssistant Professor - English
DepartmentSchool of Humanities
Phone(678) 946-1016
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Office Hours

Day of Week Start Time End Time
Monday 8:00 AM 12:00 PM
Monday 4:00 PM 8:00 PM

Other hours are available by appointment.


Master of Arts in English, Northwestern State University
I focused on eco-criticism, folklore, and rhetoric/composition during my studies
I was nominated for Phi Kappa Phi and Sigma Tau Delta, both honors societies
I presented my research on literacy and service learning at the CCCC in Indianappolis, Indiana 

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre with a Creative Writing minor, Georgia Southern University
I was a member of the drama club (Theatre South) and the creative writing club
I acted in more than a dozen stage productions (lead and supporting), performed puppetry shows in the community, and worked as stage manager


I am deeply committed to disability advocacy, with a focus on the representation of disabilities in media. My committment extends to advocating for disability rights within academia and supporting the adoption of special needs children. This dedication is highlighted by my years of volunteer work with Reece's Rainbow, where I helped raise thousands of dollars for adoption funds. In addition, I serve on the board of Invisible Warriors, a non-profit dedicated to raising awareness for women with non-visible disabilities. My interests also involve the transformative power of literature in effecting societal change and its crucial role in historical documentation. The evolution of storytelling, from oral traditions to written forms, demonstrates this power. Such narratives that began as folklore, provide invaluable insights into ancient civilizations like Mesopotamia, underlining literature's enduring significance in capturing and reflecting the human experience.

Additional Information

I teach remotely due to a disability. My courses, conducted online, include:

ENGL 0999 - Support for English Composition I: A supplementary course for students in English Composition I, providing extra support and resources.

ENGL 1101 - Composition I: A required foundational course in the USG's core IMPACTS curriculum, covering various writing genres, writing modalities, and basic grammar.

ENGL 1102 - Composition II: A follow-up to Composition I, focusing on literature analysis, including fiction, non-fiction, and case studies, with themes like workplace writing, eco-criticism, and ethical AI use.

American Literature: Covers a range of American literature, from Indigenous myths to contemporary slam poetry, emphasizing close text analysis and diverse perspectives.

World Literature: Explores global literary works, from ancient texts to modern bestsellers, highlighting literature's universal impact and capacity for effecting change.