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Name Department
Name Department
Abbott, Michelle Humanities
Adams, Robert Humanities
Akemon, Scott Social Sciences
Amason, Debbie Health Sciences
Anderson, Erna Math
Anderson, Sandra Math
Applegate, Nancy Humanities
Avery, William Humanities
Baltzer, Samuel Humanities
Barr, Brian Humanities
Baudier, Josie Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Baumann, Kristin Health Sciences
Beers, Jonathon Math
Bellinger, Danny Humanities
Belwood, Jacqueline Natural Sciences
Bennedsen, Karin Library
Bishop, Jesse Office of Planning, Assessment, Accreditation, and Research
Bisiacchi, Mauro Humanities
Blakely, Jeannie Library
Blankenship, Steve Social Sciences
Bombard, Rick Humanities
Bontrager, Shannon Social Sciences
Booth, Katherine Math
Boyce, Michelle Health Sciences
Branson, Lisa Natural Sciences
Brunson, Carmelita Library
Burks, Gardenia Social Sciences
Burnside, Robert Math
Cady, James Social Sciences
Callahan, Sean Social Sciences
Carroll, Susan Math
Chen, Guangyao Natural Sciences
Clark, Elizabeth Library
Clark, Merry Natural Sciences
Claxton, Susan Social Sciences
Cook, Russell Humanities
Davidson, Cynthia Humanities
DeCoudreaux, Kamisha Math
Desravines, Mackleen Humanities
Dose, Elizabeth Social Sciences
Dutch, Allen Humanities
Earp, Thomas Humanities
Feagin, Jayme Social Sciences
Fleschner, Julius Library
Floyd, Tim Math
Gandolfi, Amy Humanities
Garcia, Kathryn Humanities
Gargis, Laura Library
Gibson, Bentley Social Sciences
Gillespie, Jed Social Sciences
Green, Randy Social Sciences
Green, Sherry Social Sciences
Greenbaum, Abigail Humanities
Greger, Mark Humanities
Grimm, Charles Humanities
Gupta, Regina Health Sciences
Harnden, Tom Natural Sciences
Hartline, Amy Health Sciences
Hattaway, Allison Humanities
Henderson, Sharryse Natural Sciences
Hensley, David Social Sciences
Herman, Lynn Health Sciences
Hershey, Jon Humanities
Hicks, Jennifer Academic Success Center - Advising
Hitzeman, Jason Kinesiology and Wellness
Howard, Jonathan Kinesiology and Wellness
Huggin, Karen Social Sciences
Hutchins, Teresa Social Sciences
Ibrahim, Luba Math
Ingram, Seth Humanities
Jellum, Lisa Kinesiology and Wellness
Johnson, Leslie Office of Campus Dean - Cartersville
Johnston, Leslie Humanities
Johnston, Zachary Math
Kapitza, Paul Math
Kaylor, Sheila Health Sciences
Kight, Tracy Math
Kingston, Erin Natural Sciences
Knauss, Mark Natural Sciences
Kotz, Gretchen Math
Kozee, Juliet Humanities
Kwist, John Humanities
Largin, Melanie Math
Lindberg, Jessica Humanities
Linek, Jeff Information Technology
Long, Bronson Social Sciences
MacMurdo, Alexandra Humanities
Maddox, Annette Social Sciences
Maddox, Rebecca Health Sciences
Manatsa, Vincent Math
Means, Marla Library
Minor, Frank Humanities
Minter, Regina Health Sciences
Montgomery, Lucinda Social Sciences
Morin, Veronica Natural Sciences
Morris, Billy Natural Sciences
Moser, Althea Kinesiology and Wellness
Naidu, Mohan Math
Najarian, Mesrop Humanities
Nandi, Banhi Natural Sciences
Nichols, Alan Social Sciences
Nichols, Dana Office of the Provost
Nicholson, Tammy VP Advancement Office
Obas, Travice Humanities
Osborne, Jessica Library
Pace, Camille Math
Pavluscenco, Tatyana Math
Pergrem, Dana Humanities
Pergrem, Mark Natural Sciences
Phillips, Tera Health Sciences
Pickern, Jay Social Sciences
Priest, Lesha Health Sciences
Ralston, Laura Math
Rathore, Bhukan Math
Reaves, Ken Office of Campus Dean - Marietta
Reidy, Julia Humanities
Riaz, Angelyn Kinesiology and Wellness
Rivera, Shannan Humanities
Roberts, Kimberly Health Sciences
Robertson, Lillian Office of the Provost
Rogers, Brandy Natural Sciences
Sanderson, Marta Health Sciences
Shane, Kelly Math
Sheffield, Howell Social Sciences
Simpson, Erica Humanities
Smith, Christy Health Sciences
Smith, Greg Social Sciences
Smith, Misty Health Sciences
Smith, Susanna Library
Song, Ki Math
Sorrells, Darrell Social Sciences
Stovall, Josh Social Sciences
Stover, Paula Health Sciences
Stuglin, Steve Humanities
Subacz, Kimberly Natural Sciences
Sullins, Jacob Humanities
Sumner, Greg Social Sciences
Suswal, Tara Math
Tenzin, Kencho Social Sciences
Tesar, Sarah Natural Sciences
Tolbert, Sonya Health Sciences
Tucker, Giselle Social Sciences
Vermillion, Glenn Math
Vincent, Melanie Library
Walczak, Ericka Natural Sciences and PE
Walker, Shea Health Sciences
Wall, Rachel Humanities
Watjen, Connie Humanities
Weatherman, Ken Kinesiology and Wellness
West, Sue Health Sciences
Wheeler, Cindy Humanities
Wheeler, Jayme Math
Williams, Zarle Humanities
Wolfe, Christina Social Sciences
Wright, Kelly Health Sciences
Wright Turner, Shanika Social Sciences
Yerkes, Karen Office of Campus Dean - Cartersville