GHC Faculty Search

Name Department
Name Department
Abbott, Michelle Humanities
Adams, Kenneth Social Sciences
Adams, Robert Humanities
Agoun, Abdelkader Math
Akemon, Scott Social Sciences
Akins, Nathan Social Sciences
Akrayee, Dilshad Math
Allmon, Emily Social Sciences
Amason, Debbie Health Sciences
Anderson, Erna Math
Anderson, Sandra Math
Angeles, Giovanni Natural Sciences and PE
Applegate, Nancy Humanities
Armstrong-Paschal, Molly Humanities
Avery, William Humanities
Baker, Mahirah Natural Sciences and PE
Ballantine, Jennifer Health Sciences
Baltzer, Samuel Humanities
Bannis, Alicia Health Sciences
Barr, Brian Humanities
Bartels, Rachel Social Sciences
Baumann, Kristin Health Sciences
Bellinger, Danny Humanities
Belwood, Jacqueline Natural Sciences and PE
Bennett, Sheila Health Sciences
Bishop, Jesse Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Bisiacchi, Mauro Humanities
Blakely, Jeannie Library
Blankenship, Steve Social Sciences
Bombard, Rick Humanities
Bontrager, Shannon Social Sciences
Bosompem, Samuel Natural Sciences and PE
Boulier, Erik Natural Sciences and PE
Bowers, Bianca Library
Boyce, Michelle Health Sciences
Boyd, John Humanities
Branson, Lisa Natural Sciences and PE
Bridges, David Social Sciences
Bristow, Richard Humanities
Brooks, Monica Social Sciences
Brown, David Humanities
Brown, Tracy Math
Brunson, Carmelita Library
Burgey, Patricia Humanities
Burks, Gardenia Social Sciences
Callahan, Sean Social Sciences
Carroll, Dale Health Sciences
Carroll, Susan Math
Carter, Cynthia Health Sciences
Carver, Julie Humanities
Catapano, Donna Health Sciences
Chaganti, Venkata Natural Sciences and PE
Chastain, Lisa Humanities
Chattopadhyay, Soumitra Natural Sciences and PE
Christian, Jason Natural Sciences and PE
Chumley, Kody Health Sciences
Clark, Merry Natural Sciences and PE
Claxton, Susan Social Sciences
Collins, Joseph Natural Sciences and PE
Compton, Nancy Math
Cook, Russell Humanities
Cooper, Cameron Humanities
Cozby, Barbara Health Sciences
Crawford, James Social Sciences
Crawford, William Social Sciences
Dailey, Tricia Social Sciences
Daugherty, Robin Humanities
Davidson, Cynthia Humanities
Davis, Jeannine Humanities
Davis, Karen Health Sciences
Davis, Margaret Math
Davis, Susan Humanities
Dawson, Andrew Natural Sciences and PE
Dawson, Marc Humanities
Day, Jean Social Sciences
DeCoudreaux, Kamisha Math
Demons, Kenneth Social Sciences
Desravines, Mackleen Humanities
Dever, Charmaine Humanities
Dickerson, Jeanna Social Sciences
Dose, Elizabeth Social Sciences
Dutch, Allen Humanities
Earl, Rachel Social Sciences
Earp, Thomas Humanities
Easton, Allen Natural Sciences and PE
Echols, LaTascha Math
Eggersman, Denise Math
Elsberry, Cynthia Natural Sciences and PE
Ephram-Calhoun, LaTonya Math
Errickson, William Social Sciences
Estes, Charley Social Sciences
Exsted, Bert Natural Sciences and PE
Fail, Russell Social Sciences
Feagin, Jayme Social Sciences
Firestone, Allyson Humanities
Floyd, Tim Math
Flynn, Scott Natural Sciences and PE
Flynt, Emily Math
Ford, Gregory Natural Sciences and PE
Ford, Jina Health Sciences
Fredua, Benjamin Math
Gandolfi, Amy Humanities
Garcia, Kathryn Humanities
Gargis, Laura Library
Gentry, Connie Humanities
Gholston, Sylvia Math
Gillespie, Jed Social Sciences
Gimelli, Patsy Natural Sciences and PE
Gobbi, Katherine Social Sciences
Goodrum, Marlene Math
Gore, Libby Math
Gossett, Tena Health Sciences
Grant, John Social Sciences
Green, Randy Social Sciences
Green, Roshaunda Social Sciences
Green, Sherry Social Sciences
Greenbaum, Abigail Humanities
Greeson, Angela Humanities
Greger, Mark Humanities
Griffin, Brent Math
Guillaume, Orris Social Sciences
Gupta, Regina Health Sciences
Guy, Paula Humanities
Hall, April Health Sciences
Hall, Tracy Natural Sciences and PE
Hamilton, Mark Humanities
Hanenkrat, Deborah Math
Harnden, Tom Natural Sciences and PE
Harper, William Social Sciences
Harrell, Cara Math
Hart, Chris Math
Hashem, Ahmad Social Sciences
Hattaway, Allison Humanities
Henderson, Sharryse Natural Sciences and PE
Hensley, David Social Sciences
Herman, Lynn Health Sciences
Hicks, Christine Health Sciences
Hicks, Mark Humanities
Hight, Charles Social Sciences
Hitzeman, Jason Natural Sciences and PE
Hoban, Carol Natural Sciences and PE
Hoganson, Mary Natural Sciences and PE
Hortman, Robert Health Sciences
Howard, Jonathan Natural Sciences and PE
Howell, Sandra Math
Huggin, Karen Social Sciences
Hutchins, Teresa Social Sciences
Hutchins, Valerie Social Sciences
Ibrahim, Luba Math
Jackson, Remington Library
Jellum, Lisa Natural Sciences and PE
Jeter, Nefeteria Health Sciences
Johnson, Alan Social Sciences
Johnson, Leslie Office of Campus Dean - Cartersville
Johnston, Leslie Humanities
Johnston, Zachary Math
Jones, Bruce Social Sciences
Kale, Jordan Natural Sciences and PE
Kanagaraj, Vanisri Natural Sciences and PE
Kapitza, Paul Math
Kastine, Jeremy Math
Kaylor, Sheila Health Sciences
Kemp, Deborah Social Sciences
Kemper, Kristie Humanities
Kerce, Brig Humanities
Kerce, Dempsey Social Sciences
Kight, Tracy Math
King, Toni Natural Sciences and PE
Kingston, Erin Natural Sciences and PE
Kiser, Harriet Math
Knauss, Mark Natural Sciences and PE
Koger, Ronnie Math
Kotz, Gretchen Math
Kozee, Jeffrey Humanities
Kozee, Juliet Humanities
Kwakye, Samuel Math
Kwist, John Humanities
Largin, Melanie Math
Law, Crystal Social Sciences
Ledbetter, Mecole Social Sciences
Lemelle, Dalton Humanities
Lett, Alaina Humanities
Liadey, Dickson Natural Sciences and PE
Lindberg, Jessica Humanities
Linebach, Jared Social Sciences
Linek, Jeff Information Technology Services
Lipscomb, Robert Social Sciences
Long, Bronson Social Sciences
MacMurdo, Alexandra Humanities
Maddox, Annette Social Sciences
Maddox, Rebecca Health Sciences
Makinde, Yemi Social Sciences
Manatsa, Vincent Math
Mantooth, Donna Social Sciences
Martinez, Ablawa Humanities
McFarland, Amanda Health Sciences
McGowan, Dale Humanities
Means, Marla Library
Milford, Joseph Humanities
Mills, Lisa Math
Milne, Scott Natural Sciences and PE
Mims, Nancy Humanities
Minor, Frank Humanities
Monagan, Sharmon Math
Monroe, Tracey Social Sciences
Morgan, Andrew Humanities
Morin, Veronica Natural Sciences and PE
Morris, Billy Natural Sciences and PE
Moser, Althea Natural Sciences and PE
Moss, Brenda Math
Mott, David Humanities
Myles, Nicoly Humanities
Naidu, Mohan Math
Nalls, Meagan Social Sciences
Nance, David Math
Nandi, Banhi Natural Sciences and PE
Nangle, Michael Humanities
Nathaniel, Sarah Humanities
Neighbors, Julie Math
Nelson, Neil Social Sciences
Nichols, Alan Social Sciences
Nichols, Amanda Humanities
Nummerdor, Dana Social Sciences
Obas, Travice Humanities
Ogaga, Ejiroghene Natural Sciences and PE
Ogle, Julie Social Sciences
Orce Sotomayor, Raquel Social Sciences
Owiredu, Lakeisha Humanities
Pace, Camille Math
Patterson, Carla Humanities
Pavluscenco, Tatyana Math
Payne, Jacqueline Humanities
Pergrem, Dana Humanities
Pergrem, Mark Natural Sciences and PE
Peter, Nancy Social Sciences
Peters, Angela Math
Peterson, Andrea Social Sciences
Phillips, Tera Health Sciences
Pickell, Barsha Social Sciences
Pilgrim, Cristine Humanities
Pogue, Jared Social Sciences
Pollock, Lisa Health Sciences
Powell, Clint Humanities
Powell, Scott Social Sciences
Priest, Lesha Health Sciences
Pritchard, Autumn Library
Quan, Xiuming Math
Ralston, Laura Math
Rathore, Bhukan Math
Rediger, Devan Natural Sciences and PE
Reidy, Julia Humanities
Render, Danielle Social Sciences
Riaz, Angelyn Natural Sciences and PE
Rickard, Jaime Health Sciences
Roberts, Kimberly Health Sciences
Roberts-Lewis, Kristie Social Sciences
Robin, Valerie Humanities
Robinson, Louanne Social Sciences
Rood, Matthew Humanities
Routt, Debbie Math
Rucker, Donald Math
Sampler, Jason Social Sciences
Sanderson, Marta Health Sciences
Shane, Kelly Math
Sheffield, Howell Social Sciences
Shelton, David Social Sciences
Shores, Heather Social Sciences
Shuster, Jason Math
Silver, Ryan Humanities
Silvers, Gary Humanities
Simpson, Erica Humanities
Smart, Kathy Natural Sciences and PE
Smith, Glenn Health Sciences
Smith, Greg Social Sciences
Smith, Kaitlyn Humanities
Smith, Lolita Humanities
Smith, Misty Health Sciences
Smith, Nealon Math
Sorhaindo, Khyle Humanities
Sorrells, Darrell Social Sciences
Sosebee, Rhonda Natural Sciences and PE
Stafford, Randall Natural Sciences and PE
Stapleton, Stephanie Social Sciences
Sterrs-Howard, Tamika Humanities
Steward, Jocelyn Social Sciences
Stewart, Melissa Social Sciences
Stovall, Josh Social Sciences
Stover, Paula Health Sciences
Stuglin, Steve Humanities
Subacz, Kimberly Natural Sciences and PE
Sullins, Jacob Humanities
Sumner, Greg Social Sciences
Tenzin, Kencho Social Sciences
Tesar, Sarah Natural Sciences and PE
Thomas, Casey Humanities
Turner, Rhonda Humanities
Tweedy, Bridget Social Sciences
Twyman, Tashia Humanities
Vermillion, Glenn Math
Vines, Susan Library
Voss, Cynthia Natural Sciences and PE
Voyles, Jacquelyn Social Sciences
Wagner-Hitzeman, Jennifer Natural Sciences and PE
Walker, Shea Health Sciences
Wall, Rachel Humanities
Waller, Garrius Humanities
Watjen, Connie Humanities
Weatherman, Ken Natural Sciences and PE
West, Sue Health Sciences
Wheeler, Cindy Humanities
Wheeler, Jayme Math
Williams, Brenda Health Sciences
Williams, Stanley Math
Williams, Zarle Humanities
Wilson, Steve Natural Sciences and PE
Wilson, Yolinda Math
Windsor, Harriet Humanities
Withers, Elizabeth Humanities
Wolfe, Christina Social Sciences
Wormley, Kristin Social Sciences
Worrell, Joyce Natural Sciences and PE
Wright, Armondo Natural Sciences and PE
Wright, Kelly Health Sciences
Wright, Stephanie Social Sciences
Wright, Susan Health Sciences
Wright Turner, Shanika Social Sciences
Yrabedra, Ginger Natural Sciences and PE